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During abundance of foodstuff  that has come, a manufacturer faces the problem of quality of  manufactured products and problem of delivering the information about their quality to consumers, while a consumer is concerned by the problem of choice of the best quality and most delicious product from existing variety.

     Primorsky Center of Certification Co., Ltd, with active support from Primorsky Krai Administration, FGU Primorsky CSM, Primorsky Krai regional Council of Rospotrebnadzor, Primorsky Krai Inspection of DMTU Rostechregulirovanie in purpose of:

  • Assistance in manufacturing of high-quality and competitive food products and saturation of consumer market with them, building images for good quality products manufacturers and organizations within the territory of Primorsky Krai and outside it as well

  • Developing and stimulating a creative initiative of businessmen, food industry manufacturers, processing industry enterprises in widening the assortment and increasing quality of food products

  •  Presenting consumers with reliable information about high quality products

In 2004 organized annual regional contest Quality of products is the guarantee of enterprise success.

     This contest is held twice a year (fall and spring). Three independent commissions evaluate the quality:

  • From the number of contest organizers (Primorsky Center of Certification, Primorsky Krai Administration Department of Fishing,  Primorsky Krai Administration Food and Processing Industry Committee, Primosky Krai Rospotrebnadzor (former CGSEN and Federal Trade Inspection), Inspection of Rostechregulirovanie (former Gosnadzor), Primorsky Krai Rosselkhoznadzor and others)

  • Group of manufacturers representatives

  • Group of trade representatives (large stores and trading networks of Vladivostok)

     To ensure objectivity during products evaluation, blind tasting takes place, i.e. samples of products are pooled. Products are being evaluated by organoleptic properties only.

     First, second and third place contest winners in each nomination receive award diploma. First place contest winner receives Quality confirmed by expert Council decoration. Winners receive significant discounts from Primorsky Center of Certification for  carrying out work on certification of prize-awarded products.

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